Jan 14

New Year, New Site | Welcome to Stopgo Photography

Another year in the books with 2010 already come and gone.  Now it's 2011 and Stopgo Photography's celebrating the new year with a new site!!  This puppy's loaded with tons of images (a whopping three galleries to check out), social networking galore (facebook, twitter, rss feeds, the works) and a spiffy new blog integrated into the site itself.  The new digs are curtesy of the amazing John Pezzetti over at Other Half Full, a genius design-house, so if you like what you see here contact them for any design or web awesomeness. Make sure to check back regularly as to keep in touch with everything StopGo. So without any further adieu,  go and enjoy the new site already!

stay fab lovelies <3

    Love your new site!!!!! first result on google!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are amazing! I cant wait to see what this new year will hold for StopGo Photography!! <3<3<3

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