Mar 11

Artist Origin Story of StopGo Photography

On a rare rainy day during a San Diego winter I was staring out my bedroom window dreaming of imagery and listening to rainfall. Droplets fell and dug up the loamy earth outside, while inside I was a woman possessed, trying to settle on a name for my photography studio. Fitting that it would be a day encircled by the pitter-patter rhythm of rain, because sound was how I fell for photography in the first place. As an experiencer of ASMR growing up, I was drawn to the sounds my AE-1 made; the whirring of the film lever wind, the snap of the shutter, the way my nails tapped on the body as I focused through it's single lens reflex. It was all very romantic.  All this sensations running through my life like a string, these little details I wanted to tie up into a bow.


But wait, there's more...

I couldn't sleep the night before, and found myself still in my pajamas while I searched for words. The words specifically would be the name for the photography studio I hoped to own one day. Naming a thing makes it real and gives it power... The Never-ending Story had taught me that well as a child. I knew that I always had the option to use a derivative of my name, like Lauren Alexandrea Photography, Lauren Perkins Photography... but that wasn't the answer for me. I knew that I was inspired by motion but wasn't interested in sports. I was inspired by organic movement (think hair caught in a breeze, or two people dancing to "their" song) and I wanted to photograph people.  
Simply, I wanted to use stills to convey motion. Stop. Go.

Once I found StopGo, everything clicked. I would call my studio StopGo Photography, and I would photography weddings. {>o<}

I was and am so moved by the thread that ties all of our lives together that I want to spend my life trying to capture it.That's my artist origin story, and why I do what I do. What about you?

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