May 16

Riviera Park Santa Barbara Wedding

{Kellie + Nick}   If you ever happen to find yourself in Santa Barbara, and you're looking to wed the love of your life, consider doing that at Riviera Park, a historic site nestled atop the old University of Santa Barbara campus overlooking all of Santa Barbara. That's exactly what Kellie and Nick chose for their spring wedding this year. Not only was the site just ridiculously gorgeous (obvi), but the space held magic for the couple. And it's clear to see why. Santa Barbara is notorious for it's big, white, mission-style architecture; think long halls, turning into lush manicured greenery, turning into a centered reflecting pool, complete with babbling-fountain-realness. You'll see.

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Afterward, the couple chose to scoot off to the world famous El Paseo for their reception. What I loved about these two where how important real candid moments were to them. It was refreshing to be around a couple who valued this, because they essentially built the foundation for their wedding day to be relaxed and joyful for their family and friends. Now, I don't know about you, but when you can show up to an event, and the host has made space for you to be yourself it's an amazing gift.

All delicious wine and Spanish guitarists aside, thank you so much for having me along to photograph your wedding day Kellie and Nick. Santa Barbara is lucky to have you. The two of you have such joy and adventure ahead of you. If I know the two of you, you'll be running at it with open arms.




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